• 14 Nov 2021
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In the MySAU portal, users can access detailed information about their volumes in HPE Nimble Storage. The summary tab provides important details such as current usage, configuration, protection policy, and connected iSCSI sessions. Users with a protection plan can also view available snapshots and their sizes. The initiators' tab allows users to see the IP addresses permitted to connect to their volume, with the option to contact support for adding additional IPs. Additionally, the stats tab offers volume I/O graphs for understanding performance profiles.

Getting started with HPE Nimble Storage

In the MySAU portal if you browse your products you will find detailed information on each of your volumes. 

Under the summary tab, you can now view important information about your volumes such as the current usage, configuration details, protection policy, connected iSCSI sessions, and more.

If you have purchased a protection plan on your Nimble volume, you can view the available snapshots and their size. 

Under the initiators' tab, you can view the IP addresses which are allowed to connect to your volume. Please contact support if you’d like to add any additional IPs to the initiator group.

Under the stats tab, you can also view the volume I/O graphs, which allows you to get insight into the performance profile of your volume.

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