VMware NSX-V
  • 12 Nov 2021
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VMware NSX-V

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Article Summary

Our VMware NSX-V Firewalls are a dual-homed redundant firewall solution, running on VMware Redundant Clusters, one firewall runs within each zone in an active/passive configuration across Equinix Sydney Data Centres or redundant nodes when deployed in other POPs.

Servers Australia’s NSX Firewall solution is configured in active/passive across multiple Data Centres for high availability.

Servers Australia uses VMware NSX-V Firewalls

The VMware NSX-V firewall features:

  • IPSEC Site to Site VPN
  • SSL VPN User Connections (With Active Directory / OpenLDAP / RADIUS user authentication)
  • Load Balancing – Simple and dynamically configurable virtual IP addresses and server groups
  • SSL Offloading
  • OSPF
  • IPv4/IPv6
  • BGP
  • DHCP
  • NAT44 / NAT64
  • Active / Passive Standard Included
  • Full 2048 BIT FIPS Support

Why Customers Would Choose an NSX-V Firewall Over a Built-in Firewall

Windows and Linux servers have their own built-in firewall, which can open/close ports or block certain IPs.

If a customer experiences a high amount of traffic filtering through the built-in firewall on their server, and they don’t want the CPU to handle all the processing, the NSX firewall would help reduce the workload as it is built externally from the server.

Another benefit of the NSX Firewall is that it can sit in front of multiple servers which allows for a single place for managing and defining rules, which avoids the need to purchase multiple firewalls.

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