Rados Block Device ( RBD )
  • 23 Sep 2022
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Rados Block Device ( RBD )

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Article Summary

Secure and flexible Rados Block Device storage volumes are available on demand for Servers Australia clients!

When persistent file or backup storage requirements increase, you can instantly meet growing demands by hot-adding extra space and increasing the capacity. These volumes are securely hosted in our Enterprise Ceph Clusters in our Equinix Data Centres 

Not to be used as Virtual Machine Data Store or Primary Storage for Databases.
This platform is designed for backups, file storage and large data stores. If you need high IOP / low latency storage please see our Block iSCSI Product

RBD Storage is secured by replication

The volumes on each cluster are triple-replicated on three separate disks. Better than a traditional RAID system, the information is distributed on different servers. This ensures the durability of the data in any situation. 

RDB Pricing:

$0.05 per GB 

Example Pricing:

  • 500GB - $25
  • 1TB - $50
  • 10TB - $500 

**Volume Discounts available on contracted deals please contact sales


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