• 12 Nov 2021
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Getting started with a MMA

Servers Australia has recently designed an updated support system which is now comprised of two services: 

PSA (Professional Services Agreement) which include

  • Priority case support
  • 1-Hour First Response SLA
  • Heavily Discounted Prepaid Support hours
  • 24/7 Level-3 Escalation Support available

MMA (Monitoring & Maintenance Agreement) which includes:

  • Server Compliance & Hardening
  • Operating System Updates
  • Monitoring and Statistic Portal
  • Remote System Logging 

For clients who already have management with us, you will have been brought onto the new services automatically. 

If you are interested in purchasing a new PSA or MMA, please follow the below steps to get started.

When logged into the MySAU portal, select Support on the left-hand side. 

Under Professional Services, select View Dashboard.

This is your PSA/MMA dashboard.

When selecting Purchase MMA, you’ll be taken to a section of the page that allows you to select the service you wish to support under the agreement. We provide a drop-down list of all services you have with us, as listed under its order name. 

Tip: If you need a refresher on what services you have, details on services can be found in the Services tab on the left-hand side.


As some clients operate virtual machines on top of bare-metal hypervisors (such as ESXi, Hyper-V, or Linux KVM) we provide you with the ability to provide your VM name and the relevant operating system. For example: 

Ensure that you’ve ticked to confirm you agree to our customer service agreement and that this is a minimum 3-month contract commitment. Then select Place Order


For Linux & Windows, you’ll need to run a command on your service’s operating system. We provide “one-liner” commands for Linux and Windows, but cover this process in greater detail in the help article Setting up a Monitoring and Maintenance Agreement. 

Copy the command via the copy button on the right and paste this in your system, such as via SSH terminal for Linux, or in a command prompt for Windows.

For VMware vSphere (ESXi), you’ll need to provide the current credentials of your hypervisor. Typically, the username will always remain as ‘root’. 

When you first add a host, the dashboard may show the service is “Waiting Agent”, this can be expected and may take some time to report in during the initial setup of the MMA. It will then report in as Active once the MMA has been set up. 

If at any time you need to raise a case for a service, we provide a quick tool on the right-hand side:

This will pre-select the applicable service you have, which will make it easier for our team to assist you when the case has been raised. 

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