Private Cloud
  • 16 Nov 2021
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Private Cloud

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Article Summary

Your Business. Your Private Cloud

A completely managed and scalable solution. Your own Private Cloud environment with geographical redundancy, management functionality through a feature-rich portal login, while all 100% hosted within Australia.

We’ve partnered with industry-leading vendors; VMware®, Veeam®, Hewlett Packard Enterprise® and Equinix ®, to deliver a Private Cloud solution that’s designed for mission-critical infrastructure and services ideal for supporting businesses like yours. Whether you are migrating, consolidating or replacing your on-premises workloads to the Cloud, our Private Cloud solution can be customised to fit your specific needs.

Why You Need Servers Australia® Cloud

Why Choose Servers Australia® Cloud?

  • Ability to create your own Virtual Machines (VM’s), whenever you need. With our simple to access portal, you will have full visibility of your infrastructure without any complicated dashboards.
  • Scale your applications horizontally or vertically with ease. For example; you can add more resources to your webservers or add more VM’s to handle increased traffic.
  • Save time! Full VMware API access means you can completely automate your environment! No need to access the user interface to control your cloud.
  • Highly Available across two Data Centres. Your applications will stay online in the event of a hardware failure or Data Centre outage. Services will boot up as they were the minute they go offline in a secondary Data Centre.
  • It’s very fast! VMWare vSAN™ hyper-converged storage is super-fast, as it uses multiple disks simultaneously! Much faster than a single disk.
  • Off-site Disaster Recovery (DR) gives peace of mind. VMs are replicated offsite, and then again to a second DR site! Multiple layers of redundancy mean you never lose your important data!
  • Data is written to both Data Centres simultaneously (hyper-converged All-Flash NVMe storage) meaning that your data is more resilient.
  • Keep your data safe! Encrypt your network traffic with a VPN. NSX allows you to create your own VPN connections. Supports IPSec, L2VPN, and SSL VPN Plus.
  • NSX enables Security and Micro-segmentation by embedding security functions right into the hypervisor. It delivers micro-segmentation and granular security to the individual workload, enabling a fundamentally more secure Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC).
  • Web-based control panel. VMWare vCenter® allows users to create their own VMs, networks, templates, etc.
  • Utilising NSX networking technology means you can create private networks between VMs across your Private Cloud, any time.
  • We take away all the complexity to maintaining and managing your own HCI Private Cloud so you can just consume resources whilst we maintain and run the systems. We manage all VMware vCloud® and vCenter services in a 3rd Data Centre which also acts as a complete separate witness zone.


We’re giving you a guarantee Data Centre Certifications

When you rely on having your business up and running 24/7, you want to be sure you’ve chosen a provider that is going to support that.

Our Private Cloud has the following SLA
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA on the platform 
  • 100% Uptime SLA on the network

Ask for our Solution Experts about our SLA if you want more information.

Data Centre Certifications

Our partner Equinix is a market leader globally for their Data Centre services. That’s why we’ve partnered with them to host our Private Cloud Solution. If your business requires certain compliance, let us know. 

What are the options?

Private Cloud inclusions

  • Management of Veeam Replication of VM’s
  • Maintain High Availability with vCenter/VMware vSphere® vMotion®
  • Management of Backups (with optional Backup Addons)
  • Enact Disaster Recovery on instruction
  • Management of all hardware within SLA’s

Optional Managed Private Cloud

  • Management of all operating system and software patching/updates at the VM level
  • Manage the creation of VM’s on the hypervisors
  • Monitoring of the Disk, CPU and memory allocations at the VM Level
  • Management of the Software Platform
  • See the Monitoring & Maintenance Agreement information 

Whatever you choose, Servers Australia® has your back

Choose Managed if

  • You have an internal Systems Administrator who already manages your VM’s 
  • You have an experienced IT support team who are proficient in managing VM’sand don’t require additional resources

Choose Unmanaged if

  • You have a small IT support team who are busy managing the internal office
  • You have no IT support team
  • You have problems with your VM’s and don’t know how to fix them
  • Unresolved issues or unanswered questions with your current provider

Please review both of the options available when it comes to managed services & speak to one of the Sales Experts for further questions

The Technical Geek Details

We have engineered a stretched hyper-converged cluster that runs geographically between two Data Centres (Equinix SY3 and SY4). There is also a third Data Centre (Equinix SY1) that provides a management and oversight witness function.

By building our solution that way, we provide:

  • A Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC) across two geographically redundant availability zones
  • A Zero RPO (Replication Point Objective) for mission-critical applications
  • A workload failover with zero data loss within clusters spanning 2 availability zones
  • Live hot migration capabilities between both availability zones with zero downtime

In the case of a complete Data Centre failure, our vCenter Management cluster in Equinix SY1 will allow VMware vSphere® Enterprise Plus Edition™ to restart your VM’s on the surviving zone providing the highest availability and disaster recovery for almost any application.

System Features

  • vSphere Enterprise Plus Edition - Latest Version 7
  • vSAN 7 NVMe hyper-converged storage using the latest HPE Enterprise NVMe SSDs
  • vCenter and High Availability Management
  • NSX-T routing and Firewall

vSAN Hyperconverged Storage

  • Utilising the latest HCI VMware approved HPE Enterprise NVMe Drives
  • IOPS - 200,000 @ 4KB Block Size per two nodes
  • IOPS Cluster Capability - 2M+ IOPS


  • Your vCenter is managed by Servers Australia® with all vCenter Witness and vSAN witnesses in Equinix SY1. 
  • We allow clients full user-level access to the vCloudDirector platform to allow management of VM’s and services.
  • Data allocations are provided per hypervisor so it will include pooled data across your VMware cluster.
  • Standard 10Gbe network capacity between the Data Centres to support all Private Cloud environments.


  • VMware vSAN (storage) is extremely versatile and can expand automatically up to 7TB per pair of Private Cloud hypervisors.
  • For additional workloads above the standard thresholds, the technology we’ve built our Private Cloud on allows us to add an additional nodes with ease.
  • Any requirement your business has, our Private Cloud can accommodate. 

Availability Features

  • Active/Active capabilities - Based on your application-level supporting Active / Active configurations. 
  • For applications that don't support Active / Active Configuration failover between Data Centres will require a small window where recovering VM's are unavailable while they boot in the active zone.
  • Load Balancing across multiple Data Centres is only available for application layers that support Active / Active deployments.

Disaster Recovery options

Image level backups - Optional advanced HPE Nimble DR plan includes:

  • VM image replications using Veeam to our Primary HPE Nimble device in Equinix SY3 hourly.
  • These hourly replications are then stored on our secondary HPE Nimble device in with VM snapshots being taken hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. 

Primary DR Images

  • The RPO (Restoration Point Objective) can be customised to keep more replicas or more frequent replicas and should be discussed with your Sales Experts
  • Restoration times from Primary DR storage are limited only by the time for the client to either enact the DR restoration (boot the DR copies) or request Servers Australia® to enact

DR restorations

  • Restoration times from the secondary HPE Nimble device can be up to 1 hour after the initial DR enactment request.

File Level Backups

Retaining offsite backups of critical data files:

  • We recommend the addition of file-level backups as a way to be able to restore critical files that may be accidentally damaged, deleted or corrupted.
  • VM replication is great for DR but being able to restore a file rather than having to restore an entire VM is often a much better option than full DR enactment. We recommend either a dedicated server in a remote Data Centre for all file and database backups.

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