Network Professional Services
  • 31 May 2024
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Network Professional Services

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Article summary

In-Scope (nonchargeable)

  • IP address migrations within business hours

  • Cross-connect migrations within business hours

  • Network troubleshooting (Fault with SAU Network)

    • Assistance with identifying obvious or common issues that can be resolved quickly.

  • Cross connect troubleshooting that results in Servers Australia being at fault

  • Regular network health checks within business hours

  • Standard reporting for traffic utilisation

  • Initial setup and provisioning of service (Up to 30 Minutes)

    • Basic configuration required to initiate service as part of the onboarding process.

Out-of-Scope (chargeable)

  • IP address migrations outside business hours

  • Cross connect migrations outside business hours

  • Network troubleshooting (Fault with Customer Network)

  • Customer device configuration (switches, routers, firewalls, etc)

  • Cross connect troubleshooting that results in the Z-side or customer being at fault

  • Advanced network support

    • In-depth troubleshooting and problem resolution that requires significant time or technical expertise.

  • After-hours support

    • Services requested outside of standard business hours, in addition to those already listed.

  • Custom configuration and optimisation

    • Tailored setup for specific applications or performance requirements (e.g., QinQ configurations, advanced routing).

  • Hardware installation and upgrades

    • Physical work involving new equipment or upgrades not covered under basic service agreements.

  • Training and consultation

    • Personalized training sessions or consultations that go beyond standard customer support.

The pricing for Professional Services undertaken by the Network team is charged at $88 per 15 minutes ex GST.

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