Monitoring & Maintenance Agreement (MMA)
  • 11 Apr 2024
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Monitoring & Maintenance Agreement (MMA)

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What is a Monitoring and Maintenance Agreement (MMA)?

MMA’s are purchased on individual servers, and enable automated monitoring and maintenance of a server by Servers Australia. This agreement is $99 ex. GST per service.

What is the difference between an MMA and a Professional Services Agreement (PSA)?

A Professional Services Agreement (PSA) entitles customers to access the priority support queues with faster initial response times and includes a monthly quota of technical assistance hours which can be used to have our engineers carry out tasks on any products or services hosted with us. An MMA purely looks after the monitoring and maintenance of your service. PSA’s and MMAs are designed to be complementary services, and we recommend that customers purchase both products.

What do we monitor with an MMA?

  • Available disk space
  • Memory consumption
  • CPU utilisation
  • HTTP/HTTPS service monitoring
  • ICMP monitoring

Key Features:

  • OS updates are checked and installed every 24 hours
  • Windows and Linux servers are hardened and tuned. Servers are configuration managed to meet our server compliance set
  • Remote Log Collection and Reporting
  • Webroot Malware and Antivirus – Scanning and Reporting for Windows

If the MMA is applied to a Veeam backup server, or dedicated r1soft server: 

VBI Bounus
Our VBI (Veeam Backup Instance) product comes with MMA included.
  • Alerting and reporting on Veeam Backup and Replication Jobs.
  • Alerting and reporting on R1soft backup jobs.

Please note that the Veeam Cloud Connect product is not compatible with MMA. It has it's own alerting features. Please submit a case to support if you're not getting backup reports for your VCC backup policies.

What operating systems are supported for a Monitoring and Maintenance Agreement?

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022
  • CentOS 7
  • AlmaLinux 8
  • AlmaLinux 9
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • Debian 9
  • Debian 10
  • Debian 11

Will an MMA support a VMware vSphere or Windows Hyper-V Hypervisor?

If you’re running VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V virtualised workloads, our MMA will monitor and maintain updates on the server like other virtual machines or bare metal servers. The only caveat is that operating system updates will only occur automatically if you are running workloads in a true, highly available, clustered environment. This is because if an automatic update is run on a host(s), VMs would need to be able to migrate to an alternate node whilst the updates take place. If the solution is not in a clustered environment, VMs can’t migrate and all VMs would generally have to be offline throughout the upgrade process.

If you would like to purchase an MMA for a single hypervisor environment, our support team will create a monthly ticket to ask when they would like to do the scheduled reboot of all VM’s and Hypervisor at an agreed time.

What does the MySAU portal look like when my services have an MMA?

When you log into the MySAU portal, click the Support icon on the left-hand side and click the View Dashboard button.

You’ll then be able to see a list of all servers that are monitored. Wanting to purchase more? Just press the purchase MMA button!

What happens when there is additional work required to resolve a fault?

You can choose to complete the work yourself, or ask us to do it for you. If you request technical support from us, then any time that we spend resolving the issue is chargeable. If you have a PSA, then the time spent working on your issue will be deducted from the quota set against your account. After your monthly quota has been consumed, you will be charged for any additional time at the standard hourly rate ($150 ex. GST per hr).

How can I get the most out of my MMA?

Servers Australia’s MMA has a minimum contract period of 3 months. You are free to cancel your Agreement at any time, but early termination will attract a contract break fee. Once your initial contract period has ended, you may cancel your agreement at the end of the billing period for no charge.

*Servers Australia reserves the right to refuse a MMA to any customer that repeatedly purchases and then cancels.

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