Important Policies for Colocation Customers
  • 09 May 2024
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Important Policies for Colocation Customers

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To ensure a successful and smooth operation, we kindly request that you adhere to certain policies set by Equinix at the data centre. Observing these policies fosters an environment of integrity, efficiency and seamless operations.

Outlined below are a few key guidelines which, when followed, will maximise your experience with us.

  1. Blanking Panels: Install blanking panels immediately after removing equipment from the rack to prevent hot air leakage into the cold aisle.

  2. Power Connection: Residential grade power boards usage is prohibited for your equipment connectivity. Utilise the provided PDU rails, which have IEC-C13 ports. If your equipment has a 3 pin AU plug, use a 3 pin AU to IEC-C14 adaptor. Additional PDU’s authorised by Equinix:

    1. Thor RF11iQP

    2. Thor RF11iQ

    3. Thor RF11P PRODIGY

    4. Thor RF11

  3. Use of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): Implementing any UPS equipment is not permitted within the data centre.

  4. Use of Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) & Static Transfer Switch (STS): Equinix allows specific ATS & STS equipment, including:

    1. APC AP4421 ATS

    2. APC Netshelter Rack ATS

    3. EATON EATS16N

    4. CyberPower PDU44005

  5. Equipment Interference: Do not tamper with other clients' equipment placed in the rack. Any service degradation due to unauthorised interference could attract charges.

  6. Additional PDU Ports: For more PDU ports, kindly initiate a case through our MySAU portal for an additional port quote.

  7. Equipment Placement: Ensure your equipment is placed within the allocated rack unit. Approval is necessary to place equipment on the rack floor.

  8. Cardboard Usage: Cardboard is strictly prohibited in cages or racks. It is, however, permitted in the loading dock, staging areas, and secure store.

  9. Labelling & Asset Tags: To prevent unauthorised access, always label or use asset stickers on your equipment.

  10. Correct Installation: Utilise manufacturer-recommended mounting kits suitable for data centre racks. If unavailable, use rack-mounted shelves but consider the additional space it might occupy. Contact your account manager for the need for additional rack units.

  11. Airflow of Devices: Ensure that equipment has been installed in the rack correctly to suit the airflow of the device. Do not install equipment such that it blows hot air into the cold aisle.

Your cooperation with these vital guidelines is appreciated. We’re always here to assist you with any queries.

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