HPE Nimble
  • 22 Nov 2021
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HPE Nimble

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Servers Australia has a world-class Storage as a Service platform that utilises the leading Vendor Nimble Storage. The Nimble platform is one of the world’s fastest All-Flash Solid State Storage platforms and is a system that can provide not only a high Input-Output for Disk read and writes but also a redundant setup of multiple disks for each device as well as multiple controllers.

Customers connected Nimble Devices enjoy 99.99997% uptime on a single Nimble Array and up to 280,000 sustained IOP’s (Input/Output Operations Per Second) (8K Byte Size) per shelf allowing for over 900,000+ Sustained IOPS (8K Byte Size) per clustered array.

We also have HPE Nimble Hybrid based storage arrays for cheaper slower storage than the All-Flash Arrays. Customers that need replication can also have copies of their data stored on multiple nimble devices. Each device is connected to the Servers Australia backbone at 100Gbit per second.

The Nimble storage solution is great for customers that have many different types of servers and want more redundant storage than local disks; There are a few caveats on which type of servers you can connect.

Nimble Storage Pricing

StoragePrice per GB
All-Flash Storage$0.20*
All-Flash Replicated Storage$0.20*
Hybrid Storage$0.10*
Hybrid Replicated Storage$0.10*

*All prices are ex. GST

Data Availability: Protection Plans

When we talk about Protection Policies this is in relation to storing snapshots (moments in time) of customers data within the Nimble device. This Provides customers “backups” in case of data corruption, deletion or malicious attacks.

Protection Plan Pricing

Essentials Protection Plan7 x daily snapshots for 7 days$99*
Advanced Protection Plan12 x hourly snapshots and 7 x daily snapshots for 7 days$199*
Enterprise Protection Plan8 x 15 minutely snapshots (2 hours worth), 12 x hourly snapshots and 7 x daily snapshots for 7 days

*All prices are ex. GST


There is an option to purchase an encryption upgrade, allowing the Nimble array to encrypt ALL data that is written to the disks using AES-256 in XTS Cipher mode which is FIPS 140-2 approved. This system has a key per volume that is set by the end-user. If the end-user loses this key, then data can never be recovered, not even by Servers Australia or Nimble. Therefore this must be taken with precaution. If a disk or array is stolen from a DC (pretty much impossible) then the data remains encrypted at the disk level and can never be accessed.

Provisioned Input & Output Per Second (IOPS) with Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Use of Storage Services is subject to this Acceptable Use Policy. Each Nimble Array shelf can sustain in excess of 280,000 sustained IOP’s (8K Byte Size) per shelf allowing for over 900,000+ Sustained IOPS (8K Byte Size) per clustered array. This allows us to provide burstable IO capacity and allows customers to utilise IOPS without having to worry about hitting any IO ceiling or receiving an unexpected bill. (which you could expect from AWS for example)

Each volume (iSCSI Target) will be able to achieve the designated IOPs included within that plan however will allow for burstable IO speeds in times of need. Examples could be; unscheduled media releases (causing huge spikes in IO load in servers). Malicious attacks that cause the services to “run away” or could be as simple as data-intensive tasks you run on a database.

This is monitored to ensure that individual customers that do use the burst capacity don’t impact other users on the platform and why we have an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

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