FortiGate Firewall Pricing and Options
  • 08 Apr 2024
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FortiGate Firewall Pricing and Options

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Article summary

FortiGate Firewall Soultions: Tailored Security for Every Need

Who Can Benefit?

  • Small to Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs): Discover the simplicity and effectiveness of FortiGate's unified security platform, designed to protect your business without complexity.

  • Large Enterprises: Experience unmatched performance with our solutions, ideal for handling high volumes of encrypted traffic effortlessly.

  • Government and Education: Ensure the safety of sensitive information and comply with regulatory standards with our robust security solutions.

  • Remote Workers and Branch Offices: Secure remote access is more critical than ever. Our firewalls offer peace of mind for distributed teams and remote environments.

Pricing Details

Setup Fee: A one-time fee of $99 covers the initial setup and configuration, ensuring your firewall service is up and running smoothly from day one.

Monthly Fee: Charges are applied monthly and vary based on your chosen configuration, including Package and IP Address options. The base fee includes 1 IP address, providing flexibility and scalability.

Available Packages

Choose Your Level of Protection:


We currently offer two tiers of packages, Standard and Advanced with differing price points and features included.


Standard ($149.00/mo)

Advanced ($299.00/mo)


Log & Report (basic)

Up to 10Gbps

Included 1 IP

Antivirus Web Block

Intrusion Prevention (IPS/IDS)

Application Control

Configured VPN Connections



Configured VPN tunnels and enabled features are configured for baseline packages. If a customer needs more than 50 IPSEC tunnels for example, we could work something out.

Key Features Explained

  • Up to 10 Gbps: Enjoy blazing-fast data transfer speeds within our secure network.

  • Comprehensive Firewall Protection: Control your traffic with customisable policies, supporting both NAT and Routed IP options

  • Secure VPN Access: Enable safe, encrypted connections for remote access or site-to-site links with IPSec and SSL VPNs.

  • Logging & Reporting: Keep tabs on network activity with our basic logging and reporting tools, essential for troubleshooting and security insights.

  • Antivirus & Web Blocking: Protect against web-based threats with real-time scanning and blocking of malicious software.

  • Intrusion Prevention: Guard against unauthorised access and threats with our IPS/IDS solutions.

  • Application Control: Manage and monitor application usage across your network for enhanced security and performance.

Configuring Your Firewall: NAT vs. Routed Mode

  • NAT Mode: Ideal for most setups, providing security by masking internal IP addresses behind a public one, supporting features like Port Forwarding.

  • Routed Mode: Acts more like a traditional router, perfect for complex networks requiring distinct routing and security measures without changing IP addresses.

Choosing the Right IP Configuration

Your network's size and requirements will dictate the number of public IP addresses you'll need. We offer flexibility with additional IP addresses available at $5.50 AUD each (ex GST), ensuring your network is fully covered.

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