cPanel Licenses and Auto Scaling
  • 01 May 2023
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cPanel Licenses and Auto Scaling

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Article summary

cPanel now has the option to Auto Scale licenses, meaning you can automatically increase your cPanel accounts, and pay for what you use, depending on your count. 

Autoscaling with Less than 100 Accounts.

Where a server has less than 100 Accounts, cPanel picks the smallest license possible for the number of accounts on the server. For a Metal server, this is basically only cPanel Premier if they have between 1 and 100 accounts. For a Cloud server, this could be cPanel Cloud Admin for a server with less than 5 accounts, cPanel Cloud Pro for a server with less than 30 accounts, cPanel Cloud Plus for a server with 50 accounts, and then cPanel Premier for up to 100 accounts. 

Autoscaling with more than 100 Accounts

Where a server (Cloud OR Metal are identical once you reach 100 accounts) has more than 100 Accounts, cPanel charges for a base cPanel Premier license, and then a fixed price per account above that. For example, if you have 135 Accounts, you would pay for the base Premier license (100 Accounts), plus the appropriate rate for the remaining 35 accounts. 

Billing Period

Once a month cPanel will check the number of licenses you're using and will register your usage at that point. We will bill you in arrears for the number of licenses cPanel has registered for you, on a monthly basis. 

Pricing Over 100 Accounts

Once you go over 100 accounts, cPanel will register you for the base Premier account cost, plus the number of individual accounts you use over that:

cPanel Premier (100): $75.95*
Extra accounts over 100: $0.38* per account


If you have 235 cPanel accounts, you will be charged:

Base cost for 100 accounts: $75.95* +
135 extra accounts: $0.38*x 135
= $127.25* per month

*ex. GST

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